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Leadership development
Products for leadership development
Leadership development
Only with the correct feedback from the correct persons, development can be done. The FeedbackCatalog offers 360° feedback tools exactly for that purpose. By clicking on the 360° tool you want, you will find a detailed description and a demo video explaining exactly what the product is about, who it is aimed at and how to use it. Please choose your product in the left navigation and find a short description for each product below.
The lack of ethics in leadership on all levels has produced turmoil and lack of trust in and within economy. An increasing number of organizations are searching for tools assessing the level of ethics; 360° Ethical Insights (EI) offers help.
The 360° Leadership Behavior (LB) asks feedback providers to rate the effectiveness of individuals. The tool allows people to identify the frequency with which they have personally observed leadership behavior. This approach is based on what the feedback providers see without judging the adequacy of an individual.
The 360° Leadership Styles (LS) questionnaire is an online survey designed to make leader’s performance objective. Based on research and experience, the LS enables leaders to assess themselves with six elements of the Leadership Repertoire: Visionary, Coaching, Affiliative, Democratic, Pace Setting, and Commanding.
The 360° Strategic Leadership (SL) gives a measure to how leaders operate in line with the company’s strategy. The basis for an assessment is the company strategy and selected course of action. This course and therefore leadership vision is a concrete definition of leadership that the management wants to achieve.
The 360° Demosgroup is an online survey especially designed to support executive staff in their daily work. The survey serves in particular to point out the strengths and capabilities of each feedback recipient and to assist him/her with the development of leadership skills.
Nowadays 360 feedback instruments are established and among the most common HR instruments. Several companies and consultants use 360 feedback instruments in their work. Despite the usage of 360 feedback tools, many examples have shown that there's a lack of automatizing. Often the instruments are not yet automatized and are therefore very time consuming when using and when generating reports. That's where the 360° Do it yourself (DIY) steps in; it offers an empty 360° tool template that is waiting for content to be automatized.