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The report of the BIP provides an overview of personal positions on the four personality dimensions relevant to functioning in a work environment:

- Occupational Orientation
This dimension evaluates professional motivation performance. For example the will of employees to solve problems. Professional motivation also describes how strong the demands of employees towards themselves are. An occupational orientated person seeks for leadership and management tasks.

- Occupational Behavior
Occupational Behavior assesses the individual posture at work with the parts conscientiousness, flexibility and action-orientation. Conscientiousness describes a behavior of sense of duty. A conscientious person is trustworthy, structured and pays attention to detail. Flexible persons react according to the situation, even if it is unexpected. The action-orientation describes a will of transforming a decision or an idea into a goal-oriented activity.

- Social Competencies
The social skills or social competencies aim at measuring social interaction at work. It measures competencies like the capacity for empathy or the preference for social relations that are defined by respect and friendliness. A person with strong social competencies tends to dominate in social situations and is very sensitive to social interference.

- Psychological Constitution
This dimension looks at the personal stability with emotional stability, working under pressure and self-confidence. Emotionally stable people have a very balanced emotional life and are not easily influenced in their emotions. They are able to control their emotional reactions. Working under pressure means that one can have strong confidence in one’s abilities to be highly robust and is ready to take on heavy workloads. Self confidence stands for emotional independency from judgments of others.

Who is it aimed at?
The BIP aims at managers and companies that want to gain insight in their personality or personnel when it comes to personality in a work environment.

The BIP is a practical, work-based questionnaire that is valuable for use at senior managerial levels. An individual report is generated straightaway on the basis of the questionnaire containing a summary of the individual findings, benchmarked with a stated norm group.