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Leadership development
Products for leadership development

This questionnaire has been developed to evaluate and show the big picture of a person’s strengths and weak points, therefore the survey 360° Demosgroup consists of 90 questions that evaluate the following 20 dimensions:

- Goal and result orientation
- Market and customer orientation
- Vision and strategy
- Innovation and ability to change
- Depth and extent of expertise
- Analytical skills and concept development
- Solution of complex problems and decision-making
- Communication and information
- Persuasiveness and assertiveness
- Empathy
- Employee orientation and development
- Team leadership
- Delegation and participation
- Integrity and reliability
- Initiative and taking responsibility
- Achievement, motivation and dedication
- Flexibility and willingness to learn
- Self-control and stress management
- Self-confidence and self-assurance
- Economic competence

Who is it aimed at?
The tool provides a unique insight in 20 different personal strengths and capabilities that help focused developing. The 360° aims especially at leaders who want to gain insight in their own strengths and capabilities, strengthen their leading and therefore develop their organization. And at companies that want to promote leadership and support and enable their personnel to grow and develop toward a sustainable success.

The report gives comprehensive and easy to understand feedback on which specific areas the respondent can enhance his/her own behavior