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Organisation development
Products used in organisational change and restructering companies

LifeScan is a modular internet-based questionnaire for individual employees. The scan consists of ten surveys, spread out of four themes:

- personality and motivation
- health
- happiness
- intellectual capacities

Who is it aimed at?
The LifeScan uses reliable standards based on scientific research and saves time when it comes to making development decisions. It aims at employees who want to gain insight into their own vitality and want to invest in their own development.

The LifeScan provides:

- Insight into the vitality of individual employees.
- Insight into personality, motivation, health, happiness and intellectual capacities.
- Insight into where the stumbling blocks lie with regard to vitality.
- Starting points for focused work on improving the vitality of employees.

An individual report is generated straightaway on the basis of this questionnaire containing a summary of the individual findings for the four areas and an overall picture with regard to the individual's vitality. It is also possible to receive a report at team or organisation level. A prerequisite for use of LifeScan is that line managers or internal career advisers undergo a training course in the interpretation of the results of the LifeScan.

Consultants who wish to make use of LifeScan will be trained by GITP, following a training of one day for up to twelve people. The training includes explanation of the technique, which is hosted by FeedbackDialog’s technology. It does include a personal LifeScan for each training participant.