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Information processing methods, i.e. the way a person processes a flow of information, form an important factor that directs human behaviour. As a result of differing information processing methods, there is variance in behavioural responses in a situation where a group of people receive identical information. Therefore it is important to acknowledge each person's processing methods.

It is important to recognise individual information processing methods - not only in management, training and all communications - but also when employees are being recruited, or re-located during organisational restructuring.

However, acknowledging individual differences is only one half of the issue. It is just as important to recognise the information processing methods required by each job.

The solution for this problem is the Mind Resources Recruiting.

How to proceed?
1. The employer answers the 62 questions mapping tasks related to the job in the Mind Resources Recruiting Job Description, either manually or through these Web pages. A scale of 0-6 is used to indicate the importance of each task for the job.

2. The job candidates answer the questions in the Mind Resources Recruiting Individual Profile.

3. After we receive both profiles, each candidate's information processing methods are compared with those required by the job, using a specially designed computer program.

The employer receives a Mind Resources Recruiting Job Comparison, which clearly indicates the candidate whose information processing methods suit the requirements of the job. This information can be used as a complementary tool in the selection process, along with application forms, interviews and other background data!