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Products for recruitment, selection and personal development

The tool is designed to quickly identify the skillset of organisations, individual employees and job seekers and to answer questions like for example who am I and what can I do.

The AT consists of four tests that are designed to help you better define what styles you have when it comes to for example abstract or numeric intelligence or management and decision styles:

- Decision Making Styles (DMS)
- Management Styles (MS)
- Abstract Intelligence Test (AIT)
- Numeric Intelligence Test (NIT)

Decision making styles
How do you take decisions? Which strategy do you apply to this? Are you somebody who quickly solves problems or do you first weigh up all the available information before you take a decision? Take the test and you will be provided with a picture of your decisiveness.

Management styles
Every manager has a certain style of management and, as a result, takes on a specific role. One may find managing production important, another may prefer to set out the headlines or thinks motivating and stimulating employees is essential. This questionnaire will provide you with a general impression of your management style.

Abstract intelligence and Numeric intelligence test
These tests are designed to help you better understand your intelligence when it comes for example to abstract or numeric management tasks and decisions. They help you find out where your strong and weak points are.

Who is it aimed at?
The AT aims at organizations that want to increase their brand exposure and those who want to invest in their personnel.

The AT is a modular internet-based questionnaire assessment center. An individual report is generated straightaway on the basis of the questionnaire containing a summary of the individual findings, benchmarked with a stated norm group. Stand alone versions of individual GITP tests can be created, allowing for example assessment psychologists or hr coordinators more freedom in managing tests.

The AT can be integrated into your own website or the website of your customers, using I-frame technology. Examples can be seen at and

One part of the service is that the four tests that are included in the basic package are hosted and updated when for example new norm data is available. Additional tests, tailored for your own needs, can be purchased from our partner GITP.