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Products for recruitment, selection and personal development

The Executive is especially designed for the employee selection process of key persons. It makes selection easier and more objective with measurement. The tools available are the following:

Top Leadership Personality (TLP)
The TLP is designed to better define and understand a respondentīs profile as a manager, as it shows the preferred management style. It is important to know oneīs management style to be aware of improvement potential and especially of complementarity potential to optimize the constitution of a team.

Reading Ability
The reading tests deal with comprehension, linguistic understanding and logical thinking abilities, but also with efficient reading skills and understanding. The tests predict success in situations and tasks at work which require comprehension of the language.

PP 15 Personality Test (PP 15)
PP 15 examines relatively permanent character traits affecting the behavior of an individual. With PP 15, one discovers a general view of the examinees character traits. The test includes character traits relevant to work orientation, group readiness, and leadership and social skills. Some of the traits are people orientation, boldness, dominancy, emotional sensitivity, extent of self-control, need for external control and rules, diplomacy. There is also a separate sum variable, which examines tendency to strive for social acceptability at the time of answering questions; it also enforces the validity of the interpretation based on the test. PP 15 is a psychological questionnaire that measures career-personality characteristics. People who know their own strengths and weaknesses are able to work more efficiently without losing their vitality. Ideally, the personal skills and the job profile fit each other and therefore allow greater success and satisfaction at work.

IC Logical Reasoning (IC)
This test is linked to an individual’s capabilities of understanding and utilizing logical connections. It correlates with success in work related tasks and situations, where problem solving, conclusion making, planning and organizing skills are needed.

Who is it aimed at?
The Executive aims at companies that are looking for key persons and want to optimize their selection process and bring it to a more objective level to find the right key person for the right key position.

The Executive is a modular internet-based questionnaire assessment center. An individual report is generated straightaway on the basis of the questionnaire containing a summary of the individual findings, benchmarked with a stated norm group. Standalone versions of individual Executive tests can be created via the Your Assessment environment, allowing for example assessment psychologists or HR coordinators more freedom in managing tests.