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Leadership development
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EI provides feedback to leaders on 60 competences which are part of five leadership dimensions. The development and growth of ethical leadership is measured on the basis of five constitutive areas:
- ethical awareness
- reasoning skills
- moral imagination
- values and purpose
- personal integrity

In addition it is possible to choose from ten supplemental areas that are relevant for most current needs. The additional areas are:
- coaching skills
- communication skills
- adaptability and agility
- self-understanding and managementsetting
- vision and strategy
- displaying drive and persistence
- organizing and managing skills
- valuing diversity and differences
- promoting innovation and change
- continual learning, and promoting stakeholder dialog

Who is it aimed at?
The tool aims at leaders who want to gain insight into their ethics and want to invest in their own development, but also at companies that want to promote ethical leadership and support and enable their personnel to grow and develop toward a sustainable success.

The results of EI provides:
- Insight into the ethics and growth of individual leaders and managers.
- Insight to locating potholes regarding leadership ethics.
- Starting points for focused work on improving the ethics and growth of leaders and managers.

The EI is a modular internet-based questionnaire for individual leaders and managers. An individual report is generated straightaway on the basis of this questionnaire containing a summary of the individual findings for the four basic areas and the chosen additional areas and an overall picture with regard to the individual's ethics. It is also possible to receive a report at team or organization level.