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Organisation development
Products used in organisational change and restructering companies

They developed an analytical tool capable of rapidly determining the current culture compared to the desired state of the culture in virtually any organization.

With the help of the online quick-scan you get a very quick but thorough quantitative organizational culture assessment with thorough analysis of functional and dysfunctional elements in the culture of the organization. Additional to the quick-scan, several modules more are available for further follow up.

What are the characteristics of your company?
The report provides you with insights of the company’s culture. For example it answers the question whether your company is rather means or goal oriented. In a means oriented culture the key feature is the way that work has to be carried out. People identify with the "how". In goal oriented organizations however, employees primarily focus on achieving specific internal goals or results, even if these involve substantial risks. People identify with the "what". The Hofstede Model looks at several key dimensions like the mentioned one:

D1: means oriented ⇔ goal oriented

D2: internally driven ⇔ externally driven

D3: easy going work discipline ⇔ strict work discipline

D4: local ⇔ professional

D5: open ⇔ closed

D6: employee oriented ⇔ work oriented

In an employee oriented organization for instance people feel that personal problems are taken into account by the management and that the organization takes co-responsibility for the welfare of its employees, even if this, in exceptional cases, is at the expense of the work. On the other hand work oriented cultures put heavy pressure on task performance even at the expense of employees. There’s no right or wrong, but it is a great advantage to know about the own culture to be able to change.

Analyse the personality of your company to know who you are and if the "who" fits to where you would like to be. Implement the changes to get there.

Who is it aimed at?
The Hofstede Model © is aimed at consultants (internal or external) who guide change processes, merger & acquisitions and consultants in the field of satisfaction and engagement consultancy. Users of the model are to take a 2 day basic certification course before being able to use the standard version of the model, which enables users to measure the actual and optimal culture and provide workshops around these.