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Why a test on profile and management style?
Management describes a human relationship to one or more persons in a professional environment, which is independent of operational responsibility in the company in order to be a permanent function Ė in whatever contexts. Know your profile and management style in order to be more appropriate.

Why using the SPM?
The originality and strength of SPM is to address
- Your profile as a manager: what attracts you most meaning your natural tendencies.
- Your management style: how you manage in a particular context and if your management style is in line with the request of your team or situation.
- How your friends (team, colleagues, manager) perceive your way of management.
- What are the most profound reasons that might influence your management style?

What are the goals of SPM?
Tests that respond to different parts of the SPM are found quite easily on the market. The advantage and value of the SPM is that it will link the various parts to gain a more comprehensive and systemic picture and furthermore a more explicit approach to actions, consequences and reasons; it provides a more comprehensive picture by highlighting what could be the consequences and reasons behind an action.

What are the benefits for the consultant?
Through this test, the consultant
- has a better understanding of his client.
- is able to highlight some topics that could have not been approached so quickly otherwise.
- has a real plan of action by qualifying work areas of improvement. SPM delivers a clear and structured picture of behavior that result in a better self-knowledge and self-control.

Test accreditation
SPM is a complete test, allowing a consultant or a manager of human resources to have a support helping in the choice of candidates and in advancing and improving personnel. The use of SPM however requires supervision by a professional and accredited consultant.

To allow optimal use of the SPM as a working tool, the consultant or HR has to be accredited. This accreditation will take place in a two-day seminar.