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Leadership development
Products for leadership development

Leadership is essential when implementing a strategy and ensuring anticipated results. It is said that only few well-planned strategies can be carried out and invariably the implementation has been ensured by excellent leadership. As strategies and organizations vary, it is plausible to say that leadership needs to comply with their requirements. Furthermore, leadership assessment needs to comply with the chosen strategy and course of action. It is necessary to measure essential aspects according to company’s own choices.

The SL helps an assessed person to identify the strengths and development areas in leadership skills. It is a suitable tool when planning development steps. The client organization will obtain accurate information on how the leadership supports the strategy implementation or for prioritizing and guiding development.

The Assessment: viewpoints and implementation
The assessment analyzes leadership from six strategically significant viewpoints:

- setting direction and goal orientation
- organizing and decision making
- development
- co-operation and communication
- leading the team and individuals
- self-awareness and leading self

Who is it aimed at?
Each category includes a number of statements that have been carefully selected based on experience. Altogether there are 120 statements. They are selected to describe the leadership’s vision. The Prego 360 is a strategic tool for companies that want to bring their leaders and their strategy in-line and make their strategy a success.

Everyone receives a personal report with a summary and detailed analysis. The report will be reviewed together with either a superior or a consultant who is able to guide and recognize possible development areas and point out development steps. Superiors need to be trained to interpret the assessment reports.