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Products for recruitment, selection and personal development

Choose from the tools available in the librabry and create your own assessment center:

Personal Managing Style (PMS) and Top Leadership Personality (TLP)
These two tests are designed to better define and understand your profile as a manager. It is important to know your management style to be aware of improvement potential and especially of complementarity potential to optimize the constitution of a team.

Reading Ability
The reading tests deal with comprehension, linguistic understanding and logical thinking abilities, but also with efficient reading skills and understanding. The tests predict success in situations and tasks at work which require comprehension of the language.

PP 15 Personality Test (PP 15)
The PP 15 is a psychological questionnaire that measures career-personality characteristics. People who know their own strengths and weaknesses are able to work more efficiently without losing their vitality. Ideally, the personal skills and the job profile fit each other and therefore allow greater success and satisfaction at work.

IC Logical Reasoning (IC)
IC Logical Reasoning is linked to an individualís capabilities of understanding and utilizing logical connections. It correlates with success in work related tasks and situations, where problem solving, conclusion making, planning and organizing skills are needed.

Numeric Intelligence Test (NIT) and Abstract Intelligence Test (AIT)
These tests are designed to help you better understand your intelligence when it comes for example to abstract or numeric management tasks and decisions. They help you find out where your strong and weak points are.

Management Styles (MS)
Every manager has a certain style of management and, as a result, takes on a specific role. One may find managing production important, another may prefer to set out the headlines or thinks motivating and stimulating employees is essential. This questionnaire will provide you with a general impression of your management style.

Decision Making Styles (DMS)
How do you take decisions? Which strategy do you apply to this? Does somebody quickly solve problems or first weigh up all the available information before taking a decision?

Career Value Test (CVT) and Career Roles Test (CRT)
Career Tests take a deeper look at your career and ask questions about your private and work life balance or they try to evaluate how your work is challenging you. Does your job really meet your competences or do you feel bored sometimes?

PresQuest Motivation Test (PQ)
The PQ aims at identifying intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and gives an overview to which extend people are extrinsic or intrinsic motivated. Motivational orientation tells something about why people are motivated to work.

G5R-72 Big Five Personality (G5R-72)
The G5R-72 is a Big5 based personality test, designed to evaluate personalities in an objective way showing different character traits. It can be used by HR professionals wanting to identify the type of candidate/applicant/employee they are dealing with, when for example discussing career paths or new employment options.

Work Related Personality (BIP)
This report provides an overview of your position on the four personality dimensions relevant to functioning in a work environment: occupational orientation, occupational behavior, social competencies and psychological constitution.