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Leadership development
Products for leadership development

Each of the six leadership elements are covered by ten questions. As well as completing a self-report, a senior manager, six peers and six direct reports answer the same questions. The leadership is therefore reviewed from a number of different resources.

In order to access the survey a link to the survey and a password will be provided to the participants. It is easy to log on and complete the survey. Each leader completes the survey by selecting the response to each question

Who is it aimed at?
The LS is designed for leaders who want to gain insight into their own leadership performance and companies that want to promote leadership, support and enable their personnel to grow and develop toward a sustainable success.

The report illustrates the current performance of the leader using charts and tables. The report is easy to read and analyse and it provides an overview of the leadership repertoire elements. Using the 360░ leadership performance data the leader can identify weaknesses and strengths and therefore take the appropriate action to ensure a constant playing to strengths.

Users of the LS need to follow a one day training session which explains both the theory behind the model and how to interpret reports. Exceptions are users that can show they already possess the necessary skills.