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Team development
Products used when developing team performance

Each of the nine high performance elements are covered by five or more questions. The results are correlated to provide a team overview which can then be analysed in further detail, followed by appropriate actions to close any gaps.

- vision
- values
- leadership
- climate and culture
- change
- emotional resilience
- communication
- performance
- team dynamics

With Team Pulse the team performance is measured in a quick and easy way on the basis of these nine elements. The aim of the measurement is to provide starting points for further team development and to show strengths that are not yet fully exploited.

The Team Pulse works without any long and expensive measurement process since it measures the factors that influence the team performance directly.

Who is it aimed at?
As the team performance is evaluated on the nine performance elements, the team performance can be objectically analyzed in detail allowing the team to identify the specific factors that are affecting performance. The Team Pulse aims at teams and companies who want to support ongoing development and enhance team working capability.

Once the survey has been completed a composite report is produced automatically. The report illustrates the current performance of the team using charts and tables. The report is easy to read and analyze, and any gaps in performance are clear. The report highlights the highest and lowest scoring specific items, and provides an overview of the nine high performance elements.