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A company’s growth and success depend among others on the people doing a particular job; having the right person for the right position makes the difference. Underestimating recruitment may lead to candidates unsuitable for particular positions. Prescreening helps you to find the right candidate from within hundreds of applications. It examines applicants before you start shifting through cv´s, saving you days of work.

A typical recruitment process starts with a job add published in different medias, for example newspapers and online job platforms. Typically these will yield you tens to hundreds of applications and corresponding cv´s to sift. Before initiating interviews and the actual selection you will typically already have spent several days reading cv´s.

Using prescreening, reading cv´s will be reduced to reading only those cv´s that fit the job profile. This makes the recruitment process more efficient and through the use of online tests also more objective therefore reliable.

What personality are you looking for?
Imagine you have a salesman position to offer and you have several candidates applying. Among others one who is very communicative with strong organizational skills, good in analytical work and with strong leadership skills and the second one being very initiative with a strong entrepreneurship, outgoing, persistent and good in closing contacts. Who would you rather interview?

It is essential to know, who you are looking for, what abilities and skills you expect from this person to be able to find what you are looking for. Prescreening is only useful if you identify at least five competences per job role, but having done that, your recruitment process will be much more reliable and efficient.

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