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The DIY is a complete and unique approach to 360 feedback instruments with the aim to host and automatize nearly any 360 survey. Be more efficient in the feedback process and benefit from:

Lower price
Compared to custom made 360° survey the DIY comes at a fairly fair and low price. It already pays off when used only for one feedback receiver as the price is set per report and not per respondent.

Fast and easy to set-up
With the DIY anyone can set-up and launch a 360 survey within half an hour. There’s no worry about question types, layout adjustment or any other technical issue. This instrument does require technical knowledge. The PDF report is ready immediately after the survey has expired.

Easily modifiable
As the DIY uses a ready-made 360 survey template, the modifying is done in a very easy way. One simply changes, removes or adds questions according to one’s needs. Already defined questions are stored in the system and stay at disposal. This allows different survey versions, it allows an exact survey launch and it allows an access from everywhere. Furthermore the survey gives the possibility to upload the own logo that gives a personal touch to the survey. And more thing, the intro text of the survey is also customisable.

Flexible adding of respondents
Managing the respondents in a survey can be challenging. Therefore the DIY offers a very flexible and easy way of adding respondents: either the consultants add the feedback receivers and their respondents or the feedback receiver adds his respondents himself. It is furthermore possible that both ways are applied in one survey.

Automated reporting
There’s no need to play with excel and raw data when using the DIY. After the survey has expired the report is automatically ready and can be downloaded with a few clicks – whenever it suites best. The report is easy to read and analyse. It provides an overview of the dimensions assessed and helps leaders to identify weaknesses and strengths.

The DIY supports many languages, among others English, Finnish, German and Russia. Different languages can be added on request.

The DIY survey is a very easy and efficient way to host and automatize 360° surveys. And of course it comes without any advertisement. It simply looks like a self-made survey.

FeedbackDialog furthermore offers completely customized and tailor made 360° surveys. If the DIY is not sufficient for your neesds, simply contact us at for your very own and tailored survey.