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The FeedbackCatalog is your library for evaluation and feedback tools, such as 360° feedback tools, assessment centers and employee satisfaction surveys. It offers you wide range of instruments in four categories:

Click here to browse and read about the FeedbackCatalog's products. You will find a detailed description of each product and pdf brochure for printout. You can also join for free and test our HR instruments to get your own impression.

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What if you could post a job add and only receive dossiers of applicants suitable for the position? This is no longer just an imagination with our Prescreening solution. Learn how to gain efficiency and reliability when finding your talents.

Besides Prescreening the FeedbackCatalog offers three more solutions:

  • The Hofstede Model
  • The LifeScan
  • The Career Development Portal

Read more about our solutions and e.g. benefit from vitality and take great influence on the work performance of your employees. Develop and improve employee’s performance and therefore the performance of your whole organization.

With the Hofstede Model we give you the possibility for strategic change – from your current state to your future and desired state. Start using your culture to your advantage today.

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